Thursday, April 22, 2010

You should get some of these

I was looking for some snacks at the store the other night. I wanted something filling but more on the healthy side. Oh, and it has to be really yummy. Like, chocolate yummy. And I found these:
I can't believe these are only 100 calories. They are whole almonds, roasted in cocoa. They taste like chocolate-covered almonds, but aren't messy, and have way less calories. I didn't feel like I had to eat more than one pack to be satisfied. And, get this: they are $2.58 for a 7 pack at Walmart. That's 37¢ a pack--less than a candy bar!! And just so we're clear, no one paid me to write this review, and I didn't receive any product or compensation for writing it. I just thought these were awesome and think you should get some too!

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