Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My how things change...part 2

Well, 5 weeks after beginning our homeschool adventure...we ended it. This is probably old news to anyone who reads this...but I had to follow up to my post about homeschooling! So now it's just Parker and me at home. And it's been so wonderful to have this sweet time with just the two of us. He still takes 2 naps so he's asleep for 4 of the 7 hours Pierce and Will are away at school. But the awake time we have together, we go out and run errands, or eat lunch with friends, or just stay at home and play and get chores done. But it's so nice to have a little buddy at home with me to keep me company. He's so sweet. He jabbers to me (and himself) and gives me "sugar" and giggles at the dogs and finds every little piece of fuzz or leaf or paper on the floor so very interesting. And tasty. Not having to endure depression this time has allowed me to fully enjoy his babyhood. And, not being pregnant or having 2 little guys 16 months apart helps too!

John is over halfway done with police academy; in fact, he gets pepper sprayed on Friday! I'm glad he loves what he's doing. Ain't nobody spraying that stuff in my eyes with my consent!!! But I'm so thankful that he does love what he's doing, and that by doing it, it means I am able to stay home with the baby and pick up the boys from school, and get the rest I need because of my fibromyalgia. I know not every woman is this fortunate.

Speaking of the's time for his afternoon nap, so I will finish. But I've been working on projects the past couple of weeks, which I will try to post soon!