Monday, January 26, 2009

2 Ingredient Dinner

We have discovered a yummy, filling dinner that only requires 2 ingredients. Yes, you can add other things, but our family is just as happy with this dish at its simplest. It's just chicken thighs and lentils. It is so tasty on a cold, rainy night like tonight. I don't have exact directions since we've done it slightly different every time, but it's so easy that general directions should do for most people. So here goes:

Chicken Thighs and Lentils
5-6 boneless/skinless chicken thighs (can use bone-in but takes longer to cook)
2 cups lentils
salt and pepper, to taste

Put the chicken in a 3 qt. pot with about 3 cups of water and heat to boiling, then turn heat down to medium.

In another 3 qt. pot, bring 4 cups of water to boiling. Put the 2 cups of lentils in and let boil for 1 minute, stir, then remove from heat and cover for about 10 minutes, till saturated.

Check the chicken, and cook till the internal temperature is 165 F. It should start to fall apart at this point. Take two forks and pull apart the chicken into shreds. If there is a little extra water, just leave it. If there's standing water, you might drain some out. Then mix the two together, season with salt and pepper, and you have a great cold-night dish!

Now, we did this in 2 pots, but originally it was for one pot, we just found it made our lentils too squishy. If you want to do it in only one pot, don't add the lentils till after at least 5 or maybe 10 minutes, since they'll be in simmering water, not off of the stove's heat. Anyway, it's very yummy, and very easy!

We ate it with a nice, crusty bread, which I make using the technique from this fabulous book, which I suggest everyone buy. You will not regret it!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Comfort Food

My Granny has always made chicken and dumplings for me. It has always been my favorite meal that she makes. She even made it for me for Thanksgiving one year during college when I spent the holiday with her. But, for some reason, I've never tried making it myself. So, tonight was the night. I got started a little late because a certain little man decided he couldn't be put down. When I finally got him happy enough to free my hands for a few minutes, I got to work. I used this recipe. I did, however, substitute butter for shortening, and heavy cream for the buttermilk. Yummy.

Someone tried to get in on the goods too...but was unsuccessful:

He wouldn't even look up at me for the picture. Feeling a little guilty, perhaps? Well, it wasn't quite as good as my Granny's, but it was pretty darn close. I think part of it is that granny love mixed in. But the mama love mixed into tonight's bowls seemed good enough to fill some cute little tummies anyway.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Let me take a moment...

To say hello! I've decided to enter the world of blogging. Way later than everyone else, I know. I love reading blogs, so I figure I might as well have my own. And I it's a good way for friends and family to keep up with what the fam and I are doing...if they want to (some of you, of course, are required to...). Admittedly, this will be mostly about vintage finds, food (well, mostly desserts), sewing and crafting, and my silly boys and dogs. So, come join me, and hopefully you'll enjoy yourself!!